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What people say about Szilvia

"Szilvia has helped me so much over the past 3 years. I have shoulder issues and had already had surgery on my left shoulder, Szilvia has relieved my pain and helped me avoid surgery! She 's amazingly knowledgeable and professional. I continue to see her on a consistent basis to help keep the aches and pains away. I don't think I could live without her!"

- Kristi K. -

"Szilvia has helped me immensely! I have had shoulder and hip issues for years and her experience and techniques have made a huge difference in my pain level and flexibility. Initially, I needed treatment every 10 days, and now I go monthly for maintenance. She is amazing!!!"

- Shawna M. -

"Szilvia is an amazing therapist, and always helps my problem areas. Today was no exception. My neck and right shoulder have been ailing me for a few weeks. She paid special attention to those areas during my 90 minute massage. I feel great! I can relax and enjoy my evening without the constant tension and pull on my neck and shoulder. Thank you Szilvia!"

- Sarah S. -

"Great way to spend an afternoon with a reflexology appointment with Szilvia!"

- Terra D. -

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